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2020 Mercury Class 1 Competition

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Class 1 Competition



Based off of the quad cam four valve (QC4v) engine platform, the 850 h.p. Class 1 Competition pumps out 850 lb-ft of torque from 2500 to 5250 rpm and delivers 850 horsepower at its 6,350 rpm red line. All of this power and torque comes from 89 posted octane (R+M)/2, (95 RON, global) pump gas.

  • Durable: The 32 valve quad cam valve train offers extreme durability at high horsepower and engine speeds so you can be confident in knowing that the engine can handle anything you can.
  • Drivability: Mercury Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) technology provides instant throttle response and luxury-car-like drivability
  • Robust: World champion M6 sterndrive to handle to the 860's high torque
  • The Class 1’s fuel calibration is unique for its application, but it’s function is very similar. It shifts just as sweetly and throttles just as effortlessly as it’s QC4v siblings. It features an integrated, water-cooled twin turbo exhaust system. The digitally modulated boost control is employed to handle the engines’ massive, flat torque line. And, as with all QC4v engines, The Class 1 is drive-by- wire and features an electronically shifted transmission.
  • The Class 1 is available with the dry-sump NXT6 drive with gear ratios from 1.15.1 to 1.42:1 or as an engine only.
  • With 11 color options available and four different components that can be painted — Induction & Exhaust, Base Engine, Transom, and Drive —owners can mix and match to create literally thousands of different custom color combinations.
  • 9.0L – 90 degree DOHC V-8
  • Aluminum block and heads for reduced weight
  • Designed/Developed/Produced by Mercury Racing
  • Durable NiCom® coated aluminum cylinder bores
  • NiComcoating improves heat transfer and durability
  • Quad cam, four valve (QC4v) design optimizes power and torque throughout the engine operating RPM range
  • Overhead cam design extends the operating rpm range
  • Fuel efficiency rewards of 20 to 30% vs. similarly rated engines
  • Improved durability
  • Twin, water cooled turbochargers yield better performance, fuel economy and sound quality and reduce noise
  • Closed Cooled
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance and improved engine cooling
  • Dressed to Thrill
  • Multiple engine and drive color options



Engine Type
90 deg. DOHC V-8
850 hp
9.0 L

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